A Page In History, A Moment to Reflect

  • By grace_health
  • Jan 11 2021

Dr. Norman remembers the courage of Ruby Bridges as she reflects on the riots at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

As the images of this past week unfolded, many of us struggled to process the fear, uncertainty, and disbelief.

Our family, like many of yours, sought ways to reconnect with each other, “Are you OK?”, despite the distances of time and space which have already turned our lives upside down.
Within this uncertainty, it feels important to reaffirm our core values. The best parts of ourselves, what we aspire to be, what we aspire to create in the world.

“Hate cannot drive out Hate, only Love can do that” –Martin Luther King

When we feel powerless, it is important to realize that this is only because we do not realize our power.
The greatest gift we can give the world is living our truth, what we truly believe in our hearts, with compassion and courage.

I gain strength from knowing that this is NOT the first time our country has been here, and we survived before, and will again.
I gain strength from the stories of the courageous folks who guided us through the prior struggles.
I gain strength from teaching their stories to my children, so that, just maybe, our generation can pass on a better world to theirs.

For adults:
–James Baldwin vs William F Buckley: A legendary debate from 1965
(skip to minute 14 for James Baldwin’s famous oration)

For older children:
Ruby Bridges Shares the Key to Overcoming Racism

For young children:
The Story of Ruby Bridges

Techniques to help with anxiety:
–Listen to sounds which remind you of a space where you are warm and safe. Whether it’s the lake, the beach…perhaps camping out under the stars, or dawn over the ocean. Perhaps it’s Heart Chakra meditation, or Tibetan Chanting. You know that place. BE THERE. At least 2-3 times a day, even if only for a few minutes. You’ll be amazed what good it can do.
–Scents can help. Scented candles to remind you of holidays with friends, good food, morning coffee, warm tea. Smells can bring up strong feelings, even tears. THAT’S OK!
–Yoga Nidra “meditative sleep”, free guided meditations available online.
–Color something. Knit something. Sing something. DANCE LIKE NO ONE’S WATCHING.

Actionable steps to heal our communities:
REACH OUT. Do you know someone who might feel especially vulnerable right now? Check in. Take a walk outdoors. A quick phone call. Text them. There are many stages of grieving, and there’s nobody, NOBODY who hasn’t lost something this year. We all need connection.
LEARN: The events of this past week may have been a shock to some of us, but many communities have experienced violence and aggression for years. Learn their stories. “Those who fail to learn history are {doomed} to repeat it”—Winston Churchill
Indigenous Peoples History:
An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States
The Abbe Museum
The Tulsa Race Riots

In Health,
Dr. Annie

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