DIY: Building Grace Health From The Ground Up

  • By grace_health
  • Aug 16 2020

One of the wonderful, and also challenging things about starting my own clinic, is being my own contractor for most projects.

Direct Primary Care is hands-on, and so is building my office!

This weekend, between keeping up with my three kids, laundry, and working on coming up with a home-school plan for the coming year (yikes!), I actually got a chance to clock in some woodworking time!

This autoclave table is one of the last must-do projects needed to getting my office in order. My autoclave is the beating-heart of procedure work, allowing me to sterilize equipment and prep my surgical kits. And, when fully filled, that sucker is HEAVY.
With some expert woodworking guidance from Bill Norman (thank you!!!) I learned how to navigate a table saw, chop saw, router, belt sander and drill to bring this lovely lady to fruition.

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